Legal Assistance and Consulting
Our expert can cover any aspect of the internationalization process and will assist you to perfectly comply with the Italian and the foreign regulation.
Special operations consulting (M&As, Joint Ventures, Partnerships, Business Networks)
Working in international environments means facing considerable challenges but also great opportunities. In order to be ready and prepared to catch them, a qualified team of experts is fundamental.
Monitoring and sourcing of European, national and regional funds.
The companies part of the Global Trading Network will benefit from a service of regular update on the latest news on fund sourcing. Any of the fellow company will thus have the possibility to exploit the right opportunity in order to consider business expansions and internationalization.
Logistic and custom duty
Thanks to our team, your goods will be in safe hands. We will support you in any phase of the internationalization process. You won't have to worry about bureaucracy or unknown administrative procedures, we will think about it! From consulting to operations, your goods will be sustained and monitored.
International Payments
Economic transactions among foreign countries require a lot of caution and a deep knowledge of the market. Thanks to our experts, you will be supported with the necessary assistance in order to safely operate in the international markets.
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Marketing, ICT and WEB Communication
Thanks to the collaboration of our partners we are able to offer the best services to make your company present online and visible worldwide. From consulting and analysis of your web projects, to the planning and management of a cross-platform integrated strategy. We will provide you with the best marketing and ICT communications services.
R&D, Partnership and Collaborations.
You may need a one-time service, or a continuous and constant collaboration. In the Global Trading Network group you will find the perfect partner for your needs so that you will be able to catch the best opportunities on local and foreign markets.
Cross cultural skills
Nowadays is vital to have a deep knowledge of the country in which a company decide to work in. Global Trading Network will offer all the necessary information for a successful internationalization. Ad hoc country presentation, and updated and detailed reports will help you to better evaluate your investments.
Export business planning
Internationalization also means readjust the company investment plan for foreign missions. You will need a detailed business plan to highlight all the costs to be sustained and all the opportunities that can be caught. Thanks to the support of the Global Trading Network you will find the best solution for you company.
Economic and financial feasibility plans
In order to evaluate the right investments, many specific competences are needed. Our reliable partners have those competences, and their long experience in the economic and financial sector will help you find the right solution for the development of your business.




Building Business Networks
Being part of the Global Trading Network Group means having available a team of qualified professionals that will promote meetings with other companies in your same sector to foster ad hoc collaborations or partnerships for your business growth and development.
Interaction with qualified representative and authorities
Knowing the right interlocutors is a crucial element of a successful project. The Global Trading Network Group will help you creating and keeping contacts with the right public or private representative in order to better operate on your sectors of interest.
Interpreting Services
Thanks to certified partners, The Global Trading Network Group can offer to your company the best interpreting services, so that your products will be known and accessible worldwide with no linguistic barriers.
Incoming missions organization and B2B
Internationalization not only means market your goods in foreign markets, but also open the company to the rest of the world. Thanks to the Group, you can participate to incoming missions especially organized for you, and you will be supported for the definition of the appropriate strategy to successfully operate in the B2B market.
Entrepreneurial missions and International fairs organization
As part of the Global Trading Network Group you will be constantly updated on the latest international opportunities for your business. Entrepreneurial missions and International fairs will be the the first steps to lead your company's foreign expansion.