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The Group

The Global Trading Network Group was born in Bologna in April 2016 from the initiative of three companies with a twenty-year old experience in consulting: O.A.S.I. s.r.l., World Enterpise Counsultng s.r.l., Enjoy Italia s.r.l. , together with the cultural association PROXIMA. The aim is to promote and support the internationalization of small and medium enterprises.


The mission of the Group is to launch internationalization projects designed for big companies, but above all for the small-medium enterprises which are the core of our territory and of our economy.


We aim at the creation of a network of projects, companies, and partners from abroad, in order to foster and promote new international opportunities. We work to enhance Italian productions using new foreign markets with specific targets, according to specific needs.


Experienced professionals that have been working for decades in the economic, financial, and consulting fields, sustained by a young group of experts in different sectors. This is the Global Trading Network team, and it is ready to lead your company towards a steady and sustainable growth.